Investment Objective

An actively-managed concentrated Australian Fund with a bias towards stocks with higher than current dividend yields seeking sustainable, medium and long term returns.

The portfolio is designed for investors who:

Are seeking to diversify their Australian equity exposure towards income generating stocks
Are seeking active management of Australian income exposure and have a medium to high tolerance for risk and so are willing to accept a medium degree of volatility in order to achieve their medium-term investment objective
Desire a portfolio where the asset allocation is actively managed based on changes in market valuations

Key Facts:


S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index

Risk: High

Expected loss in 4 – 6 years out of every 20 years


Management fee: 1% per annum
Performance fee: 20% of gains above the benchmark, subject to a high-water mark

Suggested Investment Time frame

5+ years

Minimum Investment

A $50,000