Investment Objective

To provide a combination of income and moderate capital gains over rolling three-year periods by investing in a blend of Australian and International shares, Property, Infrastructure Assets, Bonds and Cash.

The portfolio is designed for investors who:

Are seeking a portfolio diversified across a range of different asset classes
Are seeking a combination of income and moderate capital gains and have a low to medium tolerance for risk and so are willing to accept a medium degree of volatility in order to achieve their long-term investment objective
Desire a portfolio where the asset allocation is actively managed based on changes in market valuations.

Key Facts:


The Morningstar Multisector Balanced Index

Risk: Medium

Expected loss in 2-3 years out of every 20 years


Management fee: 0.50% per annum

Suggested Investment Time frame

3+ years

Minimum Investment

A $50,000

Performance (as at 30 September 2018):

1 month (%) 2 months (%) 3 months (%) 6 months (%) 1 year (%) Since inception (%)*
IQCM Australian Balanced Portfolio (0.23) 1.40 2.43 n/a n/a 3.79
Inception date was 30 May 2018

Note: all performance figures are before fees and expenses

Asset Allocation