SMSF Solutions

Our SMSF Solutions provide you an end-to-end management solution for trustees owning or considering an SMSF. We can help you with the set-up, administration, investment management, compliance and reporting of your individual or corporate SMSF.

When choosing whether an SMSF is appropriate for you, we can share our insights in the different structures, investments and regulatory requirements that you would have to consider.


The main benefits for choosing an SMSF are

  • Control and choice over your investments
  • Transparency and flexibility in managing your assets
  • Independence with regards to insurance, estate planning
  • Tax efficiency


We can assist you to mitigate the potential risks setting up an SMSF

  • Trustees responsibility and compliance
  • Administration and reporting of your underlying assets
  • Minimizing costs

As your single point of contact, IQCM can help you reaching your retirement goals in a much simpler and sustainable way. By creating transparency along every step of the way, we will allow you to fully understand and better align your investments with your retirement objectives.

By choosing IQCM as your SMSF provider, you will get:


Compliant SMSF accounting and reporting


Tailored investment advice


24/7 access to all your assets onto one platform