Inno Quantum Capital Management (IQCM) focuses on providing transparent, systematic and objective wealth management services for individual investors and advisors as well as asset managers. IQCM was established in Sydney and is licensed by ASIC to provide financial services including fund management services.

Our head office was founded in 2008 and employs a diverse global team of 110+ highly qualified professionals including Researchers, Data Scientists, Computer Engineers and Fund Management professionals. IQCM opened its first office in Sydney in 2016 and we are supported by offshore technical teams in Hong Kong, New York and Seattle.

We offer a number of services to individual investors, such as investment services in IMA-based portfolios and complete end-to-end services within SMSFs.

We offer a variety of services to our client based upon their specific customer needs:

For Individual investors

data -mce-style=”text-align: left;”>Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality of investment management to help you grow and maintain your investments in an efficient, transparent, systematic and outcome-focused manner.

For Advisors

With our cloud-based investment management platform, we help advisers to track and grow their clients’ investments in an efficient, transparent and easy-to-manage format.

For Institutions

We focus on providing fund management services, including quantitative investment and structured investment products, aiming to provide best capital management services.

Why choosing IQCM?

  • IQCM is a quantitative based investment boutique with expertise in combining data management with world class computing power and financial expertise to achieve outstanding results for our clients.
  • We successfully launched our first ASIC registered wholesale fund in 2017 with Trustee One Investment Group (OIG) as one of Australia’s largest fund trustee.
  • We have built our reputation based upon our 4 key investment principles:

Financial Technology

Quant Investment

Stable Returns

Strict Regulation