Investment Objective

The IQCM A-Shares Alpha Fund aims to provide absolute returns of 15-30% by investing solely in A-Shares listed companies. The fund will focus 70% on value investments and 30% on momentum stocks. The portfolio is 100% currency hedged and offers a First Loss structure. IQCM identifies active stock investment and concentrated stock selection as an essential to outperformance. The fund does not solely focus on large market-cap listed stocks to avoid overvalued, highly leveraged companies.

The portfolio is designed for investors who:

Are seeking portfolio diversification in A-Shares
Seek security in our First Loss structure, where IQCM provides the guarantee of returned capital and as such minimises the higher degree of volatility, in order to achieve their investment objectives
Desire a portfolio where the asset allocation is actively managed based on changes in market valuations.

Key Facts:


The CSI 300 Index

Risk: High

First Loss strucure provides qualified investors a guarantee of returned capital


Management fee: 1% per annum

Performance fee: 20% of gains above the benchmark, subject to a high-water mark

Suggested Investment Time frame

3+ years

Minimum Investment


Asset Allocation