Fund Safety

  • IQCM was established in Australia (ASIC License AFSL: 486229) to provide financial services including stockbroking, portfolio management and fund management.
  • Our Team has developed quantitative mathematical trading models since 2008 and our quantitative-based investment house has 10+ years of financial investment experience.
  • We have strict risk controls and we partner with Third Party supervision that ensures the principal is unconditionally safe.

Our Difference

  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Self-Developed Matrix System®
  • Proven track records

Advantages of our Financial Products

  • High liquidity and flexibility: you can redraw income from your investment anytime.
  • Transparency: 24/7 online access to performance, holdings and transactions; complete disclosure of trading details and gain/loss.
  • Stability: 10 years stock returns.

Can I invest in more than one model ?

  • Yes. You can invest in as many or as few of the portfolios as you like. You can allocate a specific weight to each model and choose to have it rebalanced on a regular basis.

Do I own the shares?

  • Yes. Investors have full beneficial ownership of the shares in their portfolio.

Are there any exit fees?

  • No, there are no entry nor exit fees. Investors can invest and withdraw investments at any time.

What options do I have to receive my distribution?

  • You can elect to have your distributions paid via cheque, direct deposit into your nominated bank account or reinvested in the fund.


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