Liquor (Baijiu) Industry

Executive Summary The Chinese food and beverage industry is one of China’s largest industries and can be divided into 9 sub-industries: Chinese spirits (Baijiu), Dairy, Foods (consumables), Meats, Beer, Condiments,…

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Kingfa Sci & Tech Co

Executive Summary The world’s leading new chemical materials company, focusing on the research, production, sales and service of high-performance new materials. Head office located in Guangzhou, China Industry:Kingfa is mainly…

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National Defence Industry

Executive Summary The national defence industry is divided into 7 sub-industry: aerospace, aviation, warship, weapon, nuclear, electronic communication and other supporting sub-industry, which contains 117 stocks. The Industry has undergone…

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China A-shares Introduction

Executive Summary Purpose This report looks to outline the Chinese stock market (A-Shares) and to compare and contrast the behavioral characteristics to already established markets. It will cover government regulation,…

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